Documents Link More Pornography to Shawn Adkins

COLORADO CITY - Court documents obtained by NewsWest9 say that more pornography and possible child pornography has been found on another computer that Shawn Adkins had access to.

Adkins is the only named suspect in the disappearance of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn.

The search warrant affidavit was released Friday through a Freedom of Information Act request to a court in Scurry County by KTXS-TV in Abilene and then shared with NewsWest9.

KTXS reports the affidavit was used to secure a search warrant that was executed Thursday to locate more possible child pornography on devices used by Adkins.

The affidavit was submitted by a Garza County Sheriff's Office Investigator who is helping work on the case. The investigator states he found pornography and possible child pornography during a search of a computer Adkins had access to at his grandmother's house in Dunn, Texas, which just north of Colorado City.

The affidavit confirms earlier reports that child pornography was found at Hailey's mother's house and on a computer at Adkin's mother's house in Big Spring. In fact, the documents say pornography and images of deviant acts has been found on every electronic device connected to Adkins that has been searched by law enforcement.

The warrant issued by a Scurry County judge gave law enforcement the right to seize computers, cameras, cell phones and other devices that may contain child pornography.

The affidavit also states that some of the pornographic images retrieved from a memory stick and cell phone belonging to Shawn Adkins were made using a Kodak Easy Share camera. Two of those cameras were found at his grandmother's home in Dunn.

Efforts by NewsWest9 to get a copy of an evidentiary search warrant out of Howard County were unsuccessful on Friday morning.

Judge John Hyde in Midland issued the warrant on Thursday to Howard County authorities. It is assumed that was the warrant that was being served Thursday to retrieve evidence from Shawn Adkins when Billie Dunn was arrested.

Judge Hyde issued a statement to NewsWest9 confirming he issued the warrant, but declined to release it since it was part of an ongoing criminal investigation.