Mother of Missing Colorado City Teen Bonds Out of Jail

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

COLORADO CITY - The mother of missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn has bonded out of jail.

Billie Dunn was arrested Thursday evening and is facing three misdemeanor charges. Authorities say she lied to them when asked if her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, was at her house when they went to serve a search warrant.

Dunn's bond was set at $6,500. She walked out of the Mitchell County Jail around 1:30 p.m. Friday afternoon.

On Friday afternoon, Dunn spoke with NewsWest 9 about the charges.

When NewsWest 9 asked Dunn about why she lied to authorities, she said, "I'd rather not get into that. Authorities were looking for him and he wasn't going to talk to them and I told them he wasn't here but I let them go search the house."

When asked about the charge of the illegal prescription drugs that police found in her home, "I don't know who said that but it was completely a lie, they found a prescription bottle with my name tore off on it," Dunn said.

When questioned about whether Billie Dunn believes Shawn Adkins had something to do with her daughter's disappearance, she said she's not sure what to think.

"It depends on what day you ask me, when I talk to investigators they put certain thoughts in my head. When I'm at home, I don't think that," Dunn said.

While answering questions with NewsWest 9, Billie Dunn wanted to remind everyone that she does still have a daughter missing.

"Nobody seems concerned with that, nobody seems concerned that I have a kid that's missing, and been missing, and nobody's found her. We're worried about getting the case closed and pinning this on somebody. We have to go out on our own (Clint and I) and talk with human traffickers and look at other possibilities."

Authorities say they will continue to review all the evidence and will continue their search for Hailey.