Thieves, Low Donations Causing Big Spring Salvation Army Store to Cut Back

By Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring Salvation Army thrift store was in a budget bind. Now, their expenses are more than the donations coming in.  On top of that, thieves are stealing those donations right off their property. NewsWest9 went to Big Spring to find out how it will affect the people they serve.

The Salvation Army thrift store has been in Big Spring for years. They have everything from furniture and appliances to shoes and clothes.  But recently they've had to cut back on their days of operation to be able to make ends meet.

"We've kinda not been making a profit for some time now," Terrie Cheshire, with the Big Spring Salvation Army, said.

But the reason for the closure was not only because people weren't buying but they were also stealing items.

"Donations come in and they are coming in and people are taking them before we can get them in the store," Cheshire said.

People are stealing anything that's donated right out of their parking lot.

"We have had them load up couches and you know the police have caught them and they either had to come back and pay for it or put it back," Cheshire said.

So now, shoppers will have to pay the high price of thieves and low donations.

"The stealing that part, that's very sad, that you take from others that really need it," Thrift Store shopper, Joyce Baumann, said.

In the meantime, shoppers will have to adjust to the new store hours. Now they will be open three days a week instead of six.

"I will just figure out when I can get here and go from there," Baumann said.

Employees are also asking people to make donations but to drop them off during store hours so the employees can bring the donations in to avoid the temptation for thieves.