Woman Killed After Getting Hit Twice in a Crosswalk

Intersection of University of Tripp
Intersection of University of Tripp

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WEST ODESSA - A tragic accident in West Odessa.

A woman is dead after getting hit twice in a crosswalk.

Police suspect 53-year-old Sherry Nelson was lying down or hunched over in the crosswalk at University and Tripp.

That's when a driver in an SUV ran over Nelson. The driver told Police she thought she hit a large dog.

We're told the West Odessa Fire Department later had a call out for a house fire and one of their trucks also ran over the woman.

They too reported hitting a large dog.

Police are investigating why the woman was in the middle of the roadway.

West Odessa Fire officials were headed to a fire at 26th & Huntington.

The Odessa Fire Department took over the call after the tragic accident with the woman.

When they got on the scene, they found a trailer with smoke and flames coming from the house.

There was fire damage in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway.

The rest of the house suffered smoke damage.

No one was hurt in the fire.