Another Proposed Immigration Bill Drawing Fire in Austin

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

AUSTIN - House Bill 12 would give authority to more people to check someone's immigration status.

The author of the bill is District 65 Representative Burt Solomons from Carrollton, Texas. He's authored three dozen bills, many of them dealing with immigration.

If passed, House Bill 12 would allow Texas school districts to do more extensive checks into the immigration status of their students. It would also keep them from passing any ordinance or policy that prevents them from enforcing state or federal immigration laws.

But that's not all.

If school districts fail to enforce those laws, they could lose state funding for an entire year. This would be on top of, already mandated, state budget cuts.

House Bill 12 would also apply to sheriff and police departments, municipal, county and district attorney's offices and all their employees.

House Democrats are banding together trying to get schools taken off the list.  They say the law would be a violation of a 1982 Supreme Court decision, requiring schools to educate all children, regardless of immigrant status.

NewsWest 9 tried to reach Representative Solomons for a comment but he was not available.