Midland Police Investigate Two Violent Crimes in Two Weeks

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--Is it a coincidence that both violent crimes occurred outside Tall City clubs?

According to Midland Police Department's 2010 crime statistics, everything went down, except for aggravated assaults. They went up 3.5 %.

This is Spring Break week across most of the Basin. That means more people will be hitting the local hot spots, looking for something to do.

"Both of those incidents were very unfortunate,"  Police Chief Price Robinson said about the two recent incidents.

A 30-year-old man was shot and killed in front of Zac's Club on Industrial in late February. On Saturday night, one person was stabbed, one shot and a third beaten outside The Lone Star Bar on West Wall. Two violent acts, in as many weeks, outside Tall City bars.

According to Chief Robinson, "I wouldn't say there's any coincidence. They were two different locations, different clientele. I think they were just a product of people having too much to drink, words being exchanged, maybe tempers flared, things get out of hand."

Everyone knows when you mix alcohol with any tense situation the results could more than likely turn violent or even end up fatal. Chief Robinson says these types of situations never have to happen, "People can have an evening out, without these kinds of things happening. Thank goodness incidents like this don't happen all the time."

A suspect has been arrested in each of the crimes. But just to make sure things like this don't happen on a regular basis, Midland Police Officers are taking a proactive approach to make sure folks haven't had one too many.

"For several months, several of them, when they have time, will go to the clubs, be out in the parking lot. Patrons come out and if an officer believes one or two of them have had too much to drink, he'll ask them to blow on the PBT if that registers an amount of .08 or more," Chief Robinson explained.

There's also something you can do to keep this from happening to you.

"Whether it be a restaurant that serves alcohol or a bar or club, just be responsible. Watch the amount of liquor you drink and be conscientious of your behavior and conduct," Robinson said.

In addition to keeping an eye out for DWI's this week, Midland Police will also be conducting sting operations, looking for those places that sell booze to minors. They also encourage citizens to report any parties where they think minors may be drinking.