Gardendale Community One Step Closer to Becoming a City

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE - The community of Gardendale is one step closer to becoming a city.

The issue is now set for the May ballot.

Ector County Judge Susan Redford approved the documents and signatures submitted by residents on Friday.

You'll remember that the people of Gardendale are trying to become into a city to keep an oil company from taking over their town.

Berry Petroleum began staking landowner's property last year to start drilling for oil but residents weren't too happy about it.

Legally, the company has the right to drill for minerals under homeowners' land and they don't have to ask for permission.

But the folks in Gardendale are hoping that will all change if they can become a city.

They want to regulate the company's hours of operation as well as where they can drill.

The issue will be left up to the people to decide on May 14th.