Concerned Citizens File For Term Limits on May Ballot

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The City of Big Spring shot down imposing term limits back in January after the League of United Latin American Citizens came out against them. Now, voters may have a chance to weigh in. A concerned citizens group has been passing around a petition to put it on the ballot. NewsWest 9 was there when the Concerned Citizens of Big Spring turned in their petitions Monday afternoon.

"The change is that we are limiting councilmen, councilwomen any one elected Mayor, no more than two terms in their present office. After two terms they have to sit out for two terms," Steven Campbell said.

Campbell is the Vice President of the Concerned Citizens of Big Spring and he along with many others have been working since January to try and change the city charter by putting term limits on council members.

"It's great that people learn the job but they stay in office and learn how to use the job," Campbell said.

In order to put this issue on the ballot, the Concerned Citizens needed five percent of eligible Big Spring voters which is about 500 people. The list they turned in on Monday had 740 signatures. Now it's up to the city to do the rest.

"We have to get the signatures validated call for a special meeting on March 14th and on that day they will actually order the election verifying the signatures and taking it to the voters in May," Big Spring City Secretary, Peggy Walker, said.

But this all has to be done with in a week because the deadline to put term limits on the May ballot is next Monday.

"If that means that my office works late then that's what we will do as fast as we can, we will get these signatures validated," Walker said.

In the meantime, the Concerned Citizens will get ready for their next move.

"We're gonna get out and campaign for term limits and we are gonna watch what City Hall does with initiative and referendum," Campbell said.