Big Rig Drivers Paying More at the Pump

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

The price you pay at the pump just keeps going up and with the high gas prices, many people are feeling the strain on their wallets but big rig drivers have been especially hard hit.

The rise in diesel prices has almost doubled what they pay to fill up their tanks.

Just a couple months ago, some truckers were paying about $300 to gas up.
Now that price has jumped to about $600.

NewsWest 9 talked to a couple of truck drivers making their way through the Basin on Sunday and they say they have to change their driving style to save money.

"Well we have to slow down and keep it at 62 miles an hour due to the fact that the price of diesel has gone up so much," Truck Driver, Fernando Monjaraz, said.

"They are way too high right now and it's hard to make a living if you have to purchase your own fuel.  It's putting a lot of strain on a lot of truckers," Truck Driver, Aaron Adams, said.

We're told drivers are now taking the most direct route and they are no longer idling their engines overnight.

The truckers NewsWest 9 talked to said if prices keep going up, some drivers might end up losing money on their routes.