Coahoma Students Show Their Support For Coach Battling Cancer

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

COAHOMA - A group of Coahoma students are showing support for a special teacher. They went above and beyond to make sure she felt loved during her tough time battling cancer. NewsWest 9 went to Coahoma to find out how these kids are showing their unconditional love.

A group of Coahoma Elementary students may look like your ordinary kids but look again. They all have a something in common.

"I thought we should shave our heads," Coahoma Elementary 4th grader, Jaxon Muller, said.

If you're thinking this is the latest craze in hair styles think again. Fourth grader Jaxon Muller started the trend all to show support for his P.E. coach who has cancer.

"He came in and said 'Mrs. Bennet I have an idea, we should all shave our heads so we can be like Coach Clark.' I thought that was a great idea," Coahoma Elementary Principal, Patricia Bennet, said.

So they made an announcement and anyone who wanted to participate was given permission to shave their heads. 4th grader Destiny Cox didn't think twice about the idea.

"I love Coach Clark and I wanted to show her that I'm supporting her," Cox said.

At first, Cox's parents said no way but she was persistent and Destiny eventually got her way and Destiny's father even did the honors.

"He said 'I can't believe I'm shaving my daughters head,'" Cox said.

And this unconditional support from the students has given Coach Clark the strength she needs in her battle against cancer.

"It touched my heart, they are my inspiration and give me courage to make it to work everyday," Deana Clark, P.E. Coach at Coahoma Elementary, said.

"Because she is a nice teacher," Muller said.

The students will continue to shave their heads in support of the Coach all through the Spring.