New Details Released in Connection with the Search for Hailey Dunn

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

There is new and disturbing information in the Hailey Dunn investigation.

NewsWest 9 has obtained the results of a search warrant that says exactly what was found back in January. 

The search warrant affidavit says Colorado City Police seized a computer and a memory stick as part of the beginning stage of their investigation.

The memory stick was taken from the master bedroom in Hailey's mom's house in Colorado City. That memory stick contained 320 pornographic images and videos.

Another court document says more than 108,000 images were found on a computer taken from Shawn Adkins' mother's house in Big Spring. Shawn Adkins is the boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother.

Those pictures depicted "deviant acts" according to the documents. Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs tells NewsWest 9, those images included child pornography and bestiality.

Sheriff Toombs tells NewsWest 9, Hailey was not in any pictures on the seized computer.

Sheriff Toombs says the District Attorneys Office, Sheriff Department and the Texas Rangers are all working together to figure out who, if anyone, will be charged.

Shawn Adkins has not been charged with any crime but remains a person of interest in the case. Hailey disappeared back on December 27.