Proposed Bill Could Stop Shipment of Water to Midland

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A bill filed by Senator Kel Seliger could throw a wrench in a proposed plan to transport water from Fort Stockton to Midland.

Senate Bill 756 deals with the transport of surface water or groundwater.

It prohibits a person from transporting surface water or groundwater more than 75 miles from the water's source.

Meanwhile, the fight over water in Pecos County continues.

You'll remember on Tuesday, the Fort Stockton City Council held a special meeting on the issue.

Pecos County, the City of Fort Stockton and Businessman Clayton Williams have been in a dispute for months over water.

Williams' company, Fort Stockton holdings has applied for a permit to pump millions of gallons of water from Pecos County to sell to Midland.

Mayor Ruben Falcon says just hours before the meeting, the company gave them a new and better settlement agreement.

In the original one, Fort Stockton would have received millions of dollars to drop their fight against the water permit.