Motel Patron Dealing With Bed Bugs

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - You've heard the saying don't let the bed bugs bite. But that's exactly what one Odessa man is dealing with every day. Bed bugs in his motel room.

Imagine crawling into bed only to find bed bugs. That's exactly what William Foy has been dealing with.

"When I first moved into the room, I forget what day it was, I had been seeing bugs crawling on my pillow," William Foy said.

William has been at the Sahara Motel for a month and he wants something done about the bed bugs. He says the motel has had the room sprayed once but it's just not enough.

"Cause I still ended up with a whole bottle full of them when I went to bed that night," Foy said.

NewsWest 9 contacted the Ector County Health Department and asked them to come and investigate. So health inspectors went to Williams room to take a look. They confirmed those creepy crawlers were in fact bed bugs.

"Well we are gonna have to write a citation for this room for those corrections to be made and normally they will work with us real closely on that," Bob Barr with the Ector County Health Dept., said.

The health inspectors say they had to deal with some issues like this in the past with other motels and the reason is because these bugs are easy to pick up.

"When you don't wash your clothes sometimes you end up with the problem there by picking them up then they get in the clothing and then they go from there. They are fairly good travelers as far as getting on shoes," Barr said.

One thing they want to reinforce bed bugs do not carry diseases. They mostly come out at night that's when they bite you and eat your blood. The bugs are very hard to kill, in order to do, you have to wash everything.

In the meantime, William is going to try and clean everything up and try to get rid of them.

"I want a different room, " Foy said.

Since NewsWest 9 spoke to William he said he has been evicted from his room. He believes its because he called and try to get something done about it. NewsWest 9 spoke to the Sahara Motel and they said they do not have any vacant rooms at the time so they are giving William a full refund.

Health inspectors say in the next couple of days they will come back and try and check out other rooms here at the motel to find if they are having the same problems. If you think you have problems with bed bugs, you are asked to call the health department or exterminators.