Mother of Rig Worker Killed in Accident Speaks Out

by Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The family of a man killed in an oil rig accident in Midland County is speaking out.

The accident happened around noon Monday at a rig off Highway 158 near FM 1788.

Ronnie May's family is obviously devastated after learning their loved one was the one killed in that accident.

The family said they still have questions surrounding Ronnie's death but they're trying to be strong, especially for his 10-year-old son.

It's the call Mamie May never expected to get.

"They just told me my son was deceased," Mamie said.

She said she got the news from Midland Memorial Hospital around 1:30 Monday afternoon.

"I didn't know what to think," Mamie said. "I just went to pieces because I didn't know what could've happened."

Officials tell NewsWest 9, 44-year-old Ronnie May and another man were working on a pipe rack when it slipped, trapping both of them.

The other worker suffered a leg injury, but May died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

May was a driller in West Texas for Helmrich and Payne. Mamie said her son liked his job despite the risks involved.

"It was hard and it was dangerous but he was always very careful so that's what I don't understand," she said.

Ronnie leaves behind a ten-year-old son, whom he spent every minute with during the two weeks he was home from work.

"He had motorcycles and four wheelers and he took him riding on them and they enjoyed each other all the time, did things together all the time he was home," Mamie said. "He was a very hard worker. He was a great father, his son meant the world to him."

On Tuesday, May would've returned home to Seguin for another two weeks with his son.

Mamie tells NewsWest 9, Ronnie's body will be sent to Fort Worth for an autopsy and then to Seguin where he will be buried.

NewsWest 9 tried contacting Helmrich and Payne for a comment. Their offices were closed for the day but the investigation into the accident is ongoing.