Neighbors in Shock After Five Year Old's Death

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Early Sunday morning, five-year-old Zachary Dominguez suffered a cardiac arrest and died shortly after being taken to Medical Center Hospital.

His parents are now facing criminal charges, and on Monday, neighbors were telling NewsWest 9 about how their quiet neighborhood was thrown into complete shock.

After the tragic events over the weekend, neighbors noticed the silence that fell over Lincoln Avenue.

The neighbors that spoke to NewsWest 9 wouldn't go on camera, but told us their stories of what they've seen since the morning Zachary died.

"It's just sad," said one neighbor. "Especially to happen in this neighborhood. This neighborhood was real quiet. I mean all the kids were always playing outside. Today, I haven't seen any kids outside."

No children outside playing on a school holiday.

Neighbors feel shaken by what they saw over the weekend.

Odessa Police, paramedics, Child Protective Services and Harmony Home surrounded the street after Zachary went into cardiac arrest.

Officials rushed Zachary to Medical Center Hospital, where he died shortly after, and authorities discovered multiple injuries on his body over a period of time.

Child Protective Services also told NewsWest 9, they have a history with the family.

Now Zachary's parents, 27-year-old Kimberly Moore and 25-year-old Ralph Martinez, have been arrested and are being charged with Injury to a Child, which is a first-degree felony.

The neighbor who lived next-door to the family for two months told NewsWest 9 he had noticed warning signs.

"It was usually arguing about what the kids were doing," he said. "Arguing about the messes he was making on the wall or the messes they were making or the running or her not controlling them."

The day before that morning, the neighbor said Zachary and his mother went off with each other to a relative's house, where possibly one of Zachary's alleged beatings took place.

"The boy went with the momma to the grandmother's house and sometime got hit in the stomach with a shoe, and according to what the detectives told me, that was his injuries, was internal bleeding," he said.

That neighbor said detectives told him that internal bleeding was the cause of Zachary's cardiac arrest.

NewsWest 9 tried to confirm that with Odessa Police but those that worked the case were off on Monday and couldn't answer.

We're told Zachary's parents are now behind bars at the Ector County Law Enforcement Center and his siblings are now in custody with Child Protective Services. CPS also told NewsWest 9 more information will be released on Tuesday.