Runaway Bulldozer Plows Through West Odessa Homes

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - The Ector County Sheriff's Office is trying to piece together a bizarre incident Saturday night in which a bulldozer crashed through at least two homes.

It all started around 7:00 Saturday night near 3rd and Westcliff in West Odessa. A bulldozer somehow took off and left a path of destruction down Westcliff. It appeared the bulldozer plowed through a home, a travel trailer and then crashed into the end of a mobile home. The bulldozer ripped open the mobile home causing debris to be spread everywhere.

Neighbors tell NewsWest 9, they had to break out the back window of the bulldozer to turn it off because the doors of the bulldozer were locked.

It is unknown how the bulldozer started, but the Ector County Sheriff's Office is working to determine if this was just a bad accident or intentional. Amazingly, no one was injured as the bulldozer went through the neighborhood.

The Red Cross tells NewsWest9 that they are helping a family of five who lost their home. They were not home at the time when the crash happened.

Stay with NewsWest9 and as we continue to follow this developing story.