Big Spring Police Using Latest Technology While on Patrol

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Technology is always changing and now Big Spring police are catching up with the times. The department has purchased new machines that will help police officers on the streets. Pen and paper are a thing of the past for the Big Spring patrol officers.

"The age of technology is unbelievable," said Lt. Terry Chamness with the Big Spring Police Department.

Officers are now outfitted with portable devices that are able to swipe your drivers license and get all your information right at their finger tips.

They will also be able to scan your registration sticker and even take pictures and video if necessary.

"This is just another piece of equipment for the officer that gives them more information to be better prepared," said Chamness.

The Big Spring Police department purchased seven machines. The price tag for the devices and the equipment that came along with them was approximately $41,000.

The devices are designed to hold up against anything that may happen out in the field.

"It was lost and dropped in ditch and they picked it up dried it up and change battery and it was good to go," said Chamness.

And for officers like Ben Bias these machines have made his life much easier.

"It's helpful instead of writing the info on a note pad, scan the license and get it that way makes it easier and faster," said Bias.

They'll not only help officers in the street they'll also help in other areas around the city.

Big Spring PD hopes to get more of the machines in the future.