Odessa College Students Get Incentive to Become Involved on Campus

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--As if earning a degree wasn't enough incentive, students have a chance to win a brand new 2011 Ford Mustang.

It's just Odessa College's way to get currently enrolled students more involved in things that are going on across campus to have them take advantage of the services offered and make the most out of their college experience.

According to Trey Wetendorf, Executive Director of Enrollment Management and event coordinator, "Drive to Success is a way for us to encourage student achievement and student success here at Odessa College."

All they have to do is go to class, use the tutoring lab or even make it to a basketball game, and one lucky student will be driving off in a Mustang, courtesy of Odessa College, Taco Villa, Rosa's and Diamond Tank Rental.

"After the first year, we had an increasing demand in interest in how to win a car the second year. The second year, we had over 30,000 entries. It's just something that has been popular here at Odessa College and it's a great way to reward students for all their hard work and the achievements they make in their lives," Wetendorf explained.

It's hard to decide what had them more excited, winning the car or getting gift cards from one of the sponsors. Either way, it's the College's and the community's way of encouraging students to make the most of school.

"I think you're seeing all the players in the community come together to say, nothing is more important to Odessa's future, than education. The business community has got to support education because it's the future of Odessa and we all realize that," Craig Van Amburgh, with Taco Villa and Rosa's, said.

All currently enrolled students have an equal shot, as long as they are enrolled in six or more credit hours, have a 2.0 GPA or higher and are students in good standing.

"They can't have any student violations. They also can't be a relative of an employee of Odessa College," Wetendorf said.

To some, it may sound too good to be true. Sara Watson felt the same way, until she won a car, last year.

"How easy is it to just show up, be productive and come to class and know you have a chance to win a brand new car? That's a ton of motivation, right there," Watson commented.

For Sara, the perks being offered are just that. She says Odessa College has enough to offer on it's own, "OC offers so much more than just classes. There is so much that you can gain here. It's worth a shot."

And the winning has already started. All students who were at Wednesday's press conference, got a Rosa's gift card and their first credit for the drawing.

The Mustang that was on display at the press conference is not the one that will be given away. In fact, no one knows what that car will look like until the last week of April. That's when the top five finalists will be brought together for the drawing and one lucky Wrangler will saddle up and drive off into the sunset, just for being enrolled, at Odessa College.