Big Spring ISD Decides To Build New Moss Elementary School

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The fate of Moss Elementary in Big Spring has been decided. It's going to be torn down. Board members decided it just wasn't worth it to renovate. On Thursday before any decision was made, board members wanted feedback from parents.

They had originally planned to build three schools and remodel other campuses around the District. But when they saw that the cost to remodel Moss Elementary was close to the cost of building a new one, they decided that in the long run it was better to go with the new.

"When you renovate, the price of renovating is so much higher than building new, plus you are going to have some infrastructure that is still 40 years old," Big Spring Superintendent, Steven Saldivar, said.

And that's why they decided to go out with the old and in with the new. Moss Elementary was built in 1965 and they've already had to deal with a number of issues.

"Anytime a school is that old, you're gonna have issues. We have plumbing and electrical, just so many issues," Saldivar said.

And in the long run, they thought it would better for the district and the kids to get a new building.

The price tag for a new school would be $11.5 million. That's just $1.4 million more than remodeling the old school. And in order to stay in the $60 million school bond budget, the school district would have to shuffle money around and compromise on losing some things from other projects.

"We hate to look ten years down the road and say why didn't we do this," Saldivar said.

And parents seem to be on board with the decision.

"I think it's absolutely great. I have had the opportunity to visit the school before with my daughter. It is an old school, it would definitely benefit the city to rebuild the whole thing," Big Spring Parent, Nina Maronn, said.

At the meeting, board members seemed to have no opposition on building a new school. Moss Elementary will be built in the same place that is now. Students will be moved to other schools when construction begins. Even if they had chosen to remodel the school, students would have been sent to other schools.

School officials will be meeting with developers as early as Friday to start the plans for the new school.