Homeowners React to Blue Ridge Apartment Modifications

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The developer with the controversial Blue Ridge Apartments got the green light to move forward. He will make the modifications after residents complained about privacy issues. The Midland City Council approved the changes on Tuesday, but what do residents think about it?

NewsWest 9 got a chance to sit down with homeowners on Wednesday to talk about the controversy surrounding their new neighbor. The main thing they all agree on is they don't want people looking into their houses.

"Our main problem is the invasion of privacy," Jetah Litchentein, a resident living on Caldera Boulevard, said.

Jetah and her family have lived on Caldera Drive for more than a year and all they want is to be able to have their privacy.

"It'd be wonderful to go in my backyard and not worry about who is looking at me," Litchentein said.

And other neighbors on the block tell the same story.

"I'm in my kitchen, eating dinner, and I'm worried about who is looking at us because they are so close. I'm self conscious of who is watching," Abner Razon, another resident living on Caldera Boulevard, said.

So the Midland City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday night that would try and obstruct the view. In the ordinance, the apartment complex would build a carport that would block the line of sight so residents couldn't see inside the homes on Caldera Boulevard. The ordinance also requires that third floor apartments have wood shutters and an obscuring film over the windows.

But some home owners are still skeptical of the changes.

"I think they said it obstruct 90 percent, this is still not 100 percent, they can still see us and open the blinds," Razon said.

In the meantime, owners will just have to wait and hope that the new carports will do the job.

"I want the apartments to go up, I just don't want them people to see in my backyards," Litchentein said.

"I want privacy," Razon said.

Once the carports and other changes are completed, the Midland City Council will go to the Blue Ridge apartment complex and see if they can see in to the people's homes. If they can't see in the homes, then they will issue the certificates of occupancy.

NewsWest 9 tried speaking to the developer on Wednesday and he would not comment on the issue. The only thing he said is they will follow the guidelines in the City Council ordinance.