Fort Stockton Tables Decision on Water Pumping Settlement

FORT STOCKTON - The battle over water in Fort Stockton is going to take a little longer to come to an end.

Monday night, Fort Stockton City Council members voted to table the issue after a four hour long meeting that included a heated public comment period. The city has been fighting to keep Midland oilman Clayton Williams from pumping water out of Pecos County.

Council members called the special meeting to discuss possibly accepting a settlement agreement with Williams' company, Fort Stockton Holdings.

Some highlights of the agreement include the company having to reimburse the city for all costs to date relating to this water fight. Fort Stockton Holdings would also be held responsible for any problems that may occur to the city's water supply, unless they can prove the company was not at fault.

The city's legal counsel says Fort Stockton can continue to try and fight a water pumping permit, but it will most likely be granted to the company anyway. Officials in communities like Fort Stockton have expressed worry that pumping water off land that Clayton Williams owns could hurt the local water supply. Williams wants to pump the water to the Midland-Odessa area.

A decision on whether or not to accept the agreement will be made at a later date.