Building Owners Continue to Clean Up After Pipe Burst in Downtown Midland

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - On Monday, clean-up of the One Wall Plaza building in downtown Midland continued after a frozen pipe burst on Friday, gushing gallons of water on the seventh floor.

When NewsWest 9 pulled up to the building, crews on scene were still siphoning off the water.

Engineers and contractors said there was no way they could have prepared for this pipe burst and now the only thing they can do is try to clean up.

Around 8:00 p.m. Friday, a pipe on the seventh floor of the One Wall Plaza burst.

That pipe was meant to put fires inside the building out, capable of spouting 250 gallons of water a minute.

Firefighters found three inches of water on the seventh floor.

It fried the building's electric pad, and on Monday, water was still being pumped out.

But the electricity and elevators were back online, carrying at least a dozen workers to the top.

"Well we've only had them working for about ten minutes now," Renae Wells, the Property Manager for HPG Acquisitions, which owns the building, said. "So, you know, there was no heat or cooling, there was no air conditioning or elevators, water."

NewsWest 9 was told we couldn't go up any of the floors to see the damage but engineers said the pipe had frozen during last week's winter storm.

But once it started warming up again on Friday, the metal couldn't take that drastic temperature change.

And the damage is extensive.

"That started flooding our stairwell and therefore made it down to our basement. On every floor, seven through the first floor, has about a quarter damage," Wells said.

That means carpet needs to be pulled up, cleaned and some replaced. The building will also need re-painted walls and new ceiling tiles.

Workers predict everything will be clean by the end of the week, but the problem is at the moment, the businesses housed inside the plaza can't come to work.

"They all stayed home or went to other offices or did other things just today," Wells said. "They'll be hopefully glad to be back in the business tomorrow."

Wells said some of the businesses not majorly damaged by the water could come back tomorrow.

Others will have to wait until the clean-up is done.

At the moment, there was no number given on what the damage was in dollar signs.