Veteran Sifts Through the Ashes After Weekend Fire Destroyed His Home

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - A veteran and his family sifted through the ashes of his home on Sunday after a fire erupted on Saturday leaving 82-year-old Bobby Gann with nothing.

The Northeast Volunteer Fire Department responded to the fire off of County Road 1136 in Midland County.

The blaze broke out in a back room and started from a small heating fan on the floor.

Gann says he left the heating fan in the room for his dogs and thinks it possibly shorted out while he was gone running errands.

He lost everything including his medals from serving in the Korean War and his prized Dallas Cowboys collection.

Gann says he realized when he got home something wasn't right.

"That glow and I opened the door then poof it was gone. I'm 82, I've been tough all my life but I teared up this morning," Gann said.

The fire completely gutted the home and when NewsWest 9 spoke with Gann, he was wearing one of his grandson's shirts.

The Red Cross is helping him out but many of you have also wanted to help.

We'll keep you updated if any donation funds are started.