West Texans Doing Everything They Can to Stay Warm

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

We're used to seeing cold temperatures in the Basin, but not this cold. This is one of the coldest snaps we've seen in years and everyone is doing what they can to stay warm. NewsWest 9 hit the streets to see how residents are coping.

"Trying to stay warm, a lot of layers and stuff like that," Odessa resident, Mario Garcia, said.

That seemed to be what almost everyone is trying to do but many still had to go to work in the freezing cold weather.

"Bundling up, taking frequent breaks and trying to stay warm and hydrated. Trying to stay out of the winds as much as possible," Odessa resident, Tim Parker, said.

The shelves at local stores, which are normally stocked with space heaters, were all but empty and that was the case in most stores around town.

"If I could find a little space heater, I'd buy one. They are mostly out here for anything of any size. The gas is out in North of Odessa so my house is cold right now," said Parker.

And some parents who had their kiddos in school, decided to bring them home so they wouldn't face the cold.

"I just went and picked her up. They were having issues of no gas, didn't want her to be bused to another school," Becky Crainfield, said.

For the most part most, West Texans are not used to this cold and everyone's wishes they could be at home.

"I love the cold weather, I just wish they canceled school and everyone stay home," Crainfield said.