Midland Salvation Army Preparing for Big Crowd

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - People trying to escape the bitter cold are expected to fill up local shelters.

The Midland Salvation Army said they won't turn anyone away when Old Man Winter comes to town during the next few days, and this winter storm could possibly cause problems for them too.

"We have prepared all of this so we're ready, we're ready for this weather," Anna Delgado, with the Midland Salvation, said.

The folks at the Midland Salvation Army aren't letting the limited number of beds get in their way. They're ready to handle a big crowd, even if that means sleeping in the dining room.

"We won't refuse anyone. Basically they may have to sleep on the floors but its still a warm place," Delgado said. "We don't want anyone staying out in this freezing weather, it's very dangerous for them."

Delgado said on nights when temperatures drop below freezing, they can see their numbers double, but thanks to the public's generosity, they have plenty to work with.

"Through the Christmas holiday, we got a lot of blankets and pillows," she said. "If we need to lay out mattresses, we have extra mattresses that we can lay on the floor as well. We're going to do what we have to do to keep them out of this awful weather."

This winter weather is creating problems for the Salvation Army too.

Because their office is closed on Mondays, people have left donations outside.

"We're going to try and pull those in tonight before this weather gets bad," Delgado said. "We don't want any of our donations to get messed up or ruined."

And if roads are too icy this week, it could delay their donation pickup program, but Delgado said snow or shine, their doors will be open.

"There's always someone here," she said. "If someone does have a place to stay but doesn't have anything to eat, they want a hot meal, please come to our shelter."