Officials Investigating After Three Inmates Escaped in Ector County

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Officials in Ector County are trying to figure out how three inmates from the County's Detention Center managed to escape over the weekend.

34-year-old Russell Rice, 38-year-old Robert Dudley and 32-year-old Rickey Taylor escaped Saturday night and were caught nearly three hours later.

We're told the inmates somehow got out of their cells, and then escaped through an unlocked panel to the roof.

All three have been charged with escape.

Rice and Dudley were in jail for aggravated robbery charges and Taylor was behind bars on a murder warrant.

As Sheriff Mark Donaldson tells NewsWest 9, he's not happy with how this escape happened and he's looking at how policies in the detention center are being implemented to see what can be done to fix them.