Nicki Minaj Refunds Have West Texans Angry

Nick Lawton
NewsWest 9

Ticketholders going to the Clarion Hotel in Midland on Friday to collect their Nicki Minaj refunds were fed up with what they received.

The Clarion Manager said at a press conference when this all started that cash refunds would be given to all, but ticketholders NewsWest 9 spoke to on Friday saw something different.

Nicki Minaj ticketholders coming for their refunds could tell that the situation seemed suspicious.

"Coming here, the guy's just, his story doesn't match up," Midland resident Anthony Lehman, said. "He's all choppy, he's nervous, he's sweating. My feeling is that I hope the checks don't bounce and I hope that people do actually get their money back."

After being promised cash, West Texans weren't happy when they saw their refunds.

Personal, post-dated Citibank checks under the name of the Clarion's Manager, Medric Sydnor.

Not the refund, ticketholders were wanting.

Some had to make the drive from as far as Big Spring.

"My daughter was crushed because this was her graduation gift," Big Spring resident Molly Turner, said. "This was gonna be her graduation gift. She loves Nicki Minaj."

"We won't trust anybody really until we see the money in our hands," Big Spring resident, Carrie Beck, said.

When NewsWest 9 asked the man giving out the refunds for a comment, we were told to leave.

The two women from Big Spring wanted to try to cash their check on Friday at the Citibank on North Midland. They let us follow them there to see if the checks were valid.

When they asked the bank teller that question, they couldn't get an answer or the cash.

"Are the funds gonna be available for us to actually get our money? And she was pretty much running around that answer," Turner said.

"She said 'I can't tell you whether the money's gonna be in there or not', she said 'but you can come back Monday'," Beck said.

Monday is when their checks were post-dated. They and other ticketholders are hoping that's when the refunds will come.

After NewsWest 9 visited the Clarion, we called later for a statement from them. They never returned our calls.

We've learned that the Clarion's manager, Medric Sydnor, has been advised by an attorney to not speak with us on the matter.