Howard County Sheriff's Office and Big Spring Police Look at Consolidation

by Mike Henry
KBYG - Special to NewsWest9

BIG SPRING - Big Spring Police and the Howard County Sheriffs Office initiated a sincere effort a couple of years ago to work more closely together, consolidating much of their manpower and investigative forces. Most agree the idea has been successful.

Big Spring City Manager Gary Fuqua informed the Big Spring City Council Tuesday that the effort has been paying off in many ways for the benefit of city and county residents, and to take it one step further, discussed the further consolidation of the two law enforcement agencies in regards to office space.

The city of Big Spring set aside $1.7 million last year for potential renovations to the current police station, but the money has not yet been spent, said Fuqua. The sheriffs office is currently located at the county courthouse despite having a new jail facility in west Big Spring, but has been looking at a move.

County and city officials are now talking moving the two entities together, possibly at the jail site, and at an annual cost savings of around $300,000. Fuqua informed the city council of a planned joint meeting of city and county leaders on February 28th to see plans and discuss a proposed joint law enforcement center for city and county.

That meeting would also be open to the public, and is currently set for 5:30 pm, February 28, at the county courthouse. A firm date, time and location will soon be announced, officials say.