Midland City Council Meet to Discuss Numerous Issues

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It was a busy day for Midland City Council members.

On Tuesday, Council Members discussed the leasing of mineral rights at Midland Airpark.

No action was taken, but they gave airport officials the green light to continue looking into the project.

The City Council also discussed the water shortage here in the Basin.

The Colorado River Municipal Water District is cutting back 10 percent of the water they send to west Texas cities including Midland.

City officials tell NewsWest 9, they'll have to start conserving during peak usage between the months of April and October.

60 percent of the city's water usage is outdoor irrigation.
At some point, Midland residents will be restricted on watering their yards.

City Council members also approved a new city logo.

The older logo had nine colors in it and was more expensive to print.

The logo is a lot simpler and will save the city some money.

The new logo also uses the city's motto "Feel the Energy".