New Program To Help Local Businesses in Big Spring

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

Big Spring is getting a economic boost after small businesses in the area took a financial hit. The new program will help local Mom and Pop shops revamp their business.

"Typically a lot of the economic growth comes from existing companies with in the city," Terry Wegman with the Big Spring Economic Development Corporation, said.

And the Big Spring Economic Development wanted to do just that, help the growth of the local economy. So they decided to bring in some extra hands to help exiting local businesses and emerging ones.

"Part of this spread because the Settles Hotel project. When it opens people have showed interest in doing some projects downtown and this will help them," Wegman said.

The program run by entrepreneur alliance was approved last week.

"This consulting group comes in to help start up businesses, as well as, helping with some of things they might need," Wegman said.

The consultants will be in Big Spring for one year, four days a month, to help anyone who needs it.

During that time, people can come in and ask the questions they need.

"Depending on the needs, the facilitators will work with them as long as necessary to make them successful," Wegman said.

It will cost the Economic Development Corporation approximately $47,000 a year and local businesses wont have to pay a dime out of their pocket for these services.

"We're optimistic the other communities that we visited with have seen success. They say it's one of the best programs that they have ever done in communities," Wegman said.

The new program will start next month. If you would like to join the program or would like more information, you can contact the Economic Development Program in Big Spring.