Cotton Prices Up, Causing Clothing Prices To Rise

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

The price of cotton is the highest it has been since the Civil War. A recovering market for cotton products and low production the past few years during the recession is creating the perfect storm for high prices.

"Price of cotton is going up, the labor cost is going up, so we are having to raise our prices," Lisa Bennett with Target, said.

Lisa Bennett is the store team leader at Target and she says just this week they were notified that they needed to change the tags and raise the prices on cotton products.

"The reason that they increased the prices is, not only bad cotton crops the issue, but cost of labor gone up as well. The demands of crops and labor, in return, the consumer and retailer hurts, that's why prices gone up," Bennett said.

This is not just affecting people in West Texas, it's affecting everyone.

"Over 2000 stores were told vendors are coming in and re-ticketing our merchandise," Bennett said.

And others stores are feeling the pinch.

"I heard our competition is doing the same thing, they might be using a different strategy," Bennett said.

Experts believe you should stock up on socks, underwear, and t-shirts because you'll be paying more for these goods later.

"Analyze what you need and purchase it now before prices go up," Bennett said.

And as some consumers have enough to deal with already, they are not too happy with this increase.

"I have a newborn, he is four months old. We have to buy food and diapers and he needs new clothes so fast because he grows out of it, its a damper on our wallet," Shopper, Russell Jones, said.

"It's not fair for us," Shopper, Cooper Daniel, said.

Experts say consumers will start seeing the increase now in some areas. As for Target, they started increasing their men's section on Thursday and will move on to other areas in the coming weeks.

But no matter what the increase in cotton is, some will stick with it no matter what.

"Nylon and Polyester, it just doesn't feel as good as cotton, cotton is the way to go," Jones said.