West Texans Celebrate MLK's Legacy

Nick Lawton

MIDLAND - On Monday the Negro Business and Professional Women's Club of Midland presented a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior's legacy.

Nearly 50 years ago, Dr. King told the country about his dream.

Today, his legacy lives on in those old enough to remember and those young enough to learn.

"We are still indebted to his endeavors and his efforts and therefore we will forever continue to celebrate his legacy," Cynthia Connaly, President of the Negro Business and Professional Women's Club of Midland, said.

The presentation was entitled "Don't Stop Dreaming."

Hundreds gathered in at Lee Freshman High School to hear speeches, songs, even the words of Dr. King himself from speakers overhead.

The Women's Club has been putting these celebrations on for years now, stressing the importance of knowing where you come from in order to know where you're going.

"We all need to realize that diversity is the kaleidoscope of this world," Connaly said.

The event was open to all with numerous organizations from around the Basin, from the UTPB Step Team to the MLK Community Youth Choir, gathering to pay their respects to one of the biggest names in the Civil Rights Movement.

"I just am very, very proud and very, very honored to be up there. That's the most important thing," MLK Community Youth Choir Singer, Destiny Mayfield, said. "And I think it speaks to so many people so I'm just really honored to be up there."

A night of hope, a night of remembrance, a night to celebrate just how far we've come.