Indictments in Winkler County Causing Quite a Stir

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

WINKLER COUNTY - Reaction is starting to come in from the indictments of several top Winkler County officials.

Stephanie Haley is a member of the Winkler County Memorial Hospital Board of Directors. She's made no attempt to hide her support for Anne Mitchell, a woman, who she says, is like a daughter to her.

"Those people were retaliating against people doing their job. The ones that were indicted were retaliating against Anne and Vicky. In my opinion, they deserve to spend some time in jail because they were wrong all the way," she explained.

The latest indictments seem to follow pretty close in line with the list of names on the original civil suit filed by Mitchell and Galle. Only District Attorney Mike Fostel has not been indicted. The indictments say the sheriff, county attorney and former administrator of the Winkler County Hospital conspired to stop the former nurses from reporting the practices of a Kermit doctor.

Haley thinks they should all be taken down, "I think so. And I think they deserve everything they get. I really do hope they get something. Besides spending money for lawyers, I think they deserve to be prosecuted and go to jail."

Haley says she knows these men know how she feels about the situation. With a little uneasiness about retaliation herself, she plans to keep on voicing her opinion.

"When people act like that, you never know for sure. You just get a feeling, maybe you better be careful," she added.