Midland Program Designed To Help Small Businesses

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

If you want to start up your own small business, there's help to get your dream off the ground.

A program in Midland has been designed to help small businesses save some dough. What this program does is it helps a small businesses or home businesses that are ready to move up to the next level and get a place of their own.

What the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will do is it will provide businesses with an office space and the services and features that a business would have like fax, copiers and Internet. This is to help keep the cost of starting up a business as minimal as possible.

The reason behind this program is because the Hispanic Chamber understands that the first few years of small business are the most crucial for the owner. That way they can help the owner save money, build up a clientele and they also provide them some counseling services and support services that they might need. All of this, so that one day, the business can get an office of their own.

"We have a number of businesses that come in to the program, graduated from the program and are still going very well today. Some of them have taken some additional employees, they are very pleased with the program," Anabel Ramirez with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Midland, said.

The program has been in place for seven years.  Overall, the goal of the Chamber is for the business to be successful and so far seven have gone through the program and have successful local businesses.

The program is only available for Midland County residents and there is an application process that needs to be done in order to join the program. If you would like more information, you can contact the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.