Hailey's Father Speaks Out About Recent Information Involving His Daughter

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

COLORADO CITY - After a disturbing affidavit was released and after Hailey's mother's live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins was named 'a person of interest,' the question remains what does Hailey's father think of all of this?  NewsWest 9 met up with Hailey's father and asked him how he's taking in all of this new information.

Clint Dunn, Hailey's father, is trying to get the word out in hopes of finding his daughter soon. Dunn left Snyder on Wednesday in hopes to find his daughter; he had gotten several leads that she might be in Odessa. So he decided he come and look for himself. And while he was out searching, he passed out flyers and anything he could do to try and get the word out.

But on Tuesday night, when he heard the news of the affidavit he was really concerned and said he stayed up reading it all night trying to make sense of it all. His feeling are of anger and frustration. He told NewsWest 9, he knows Billie and says she would never hurt their daughter. And while he was with her, she was not in to horror films or mass murder items. Clint never thought that his kids would be in danger and all he can do now is hope that the affidavit is wrong and that his baby girl comes home soon.

"I have to focus my attention on what I am doing and that's looking for my daughter. The cops they have their focus on Billie and Shawn and their in the spotlight. So there is no need for me to put them in the spotlight, I need to look elsewhere and hopefully they didn't do anything to my daughter," Clint Dunn said.

Clint did mention that on New Years he was still living across the way from Billie and that he did not see a party going on, he did see cars but not a party. Clint also told NewsWest 9, he did not get along very well with Shawn Adkins and he said that in one instance he and Shawn got in to a fight. Clint does not want to blame anyone or point any fingers, all he wants is for his daughter to come home.

Clint also said that when his daughter comes back, he plans on making sure she comes to live with him.