Hailey Dunn Searchers Hold Candlelight Vigil

Nick Lawton

COAHOMA - Hundreds of searchers for Hailey Dunn gathered in Coahoma Sunday night to hold a candlelight vigil in support of her safe return.

So many lives have been touched by the efforts to find and bring Hailey home.

And when the search can't carry on for the day, West Texans in Coahoma kept up their support with candlelight.

"All these different towns are joining together with one common goal and that's to find this girl," volunteer Kevin Walker, said.

Music was played, hands were held and prayers were said.

For the volunteer searchers in Coahoma, this was a time to build up the one feeling that's been keeping them going after days of no results.

"Some hope and just to bring us together and to give us a way to pray and just give us some strength, and bring us together as a community," Heather Maddox, one of the organizers of the vigil, said.

When NewsWest 9 arrived in Coahoma before the vigil began, the 20 volunteers setting up swelled to more than 100 in 10 minutes time.

By the end of the night, candles were held by around 300 people.

"Just speaking to God today," Hailey's cousin, Machelle Barr, said. "I really think he's going to bring her home to us. I believe that."

The Salvation Army of Big Spring has been with these volunteers since Saturday giving them food and drinks while they search.

And they say they'll stay as long as they are needed.

"If it's just three or four we'll still be here," Captain Terrie Cheshire, with the Big Spring Salvation Army, said. "We have a truck that we can bring instead of our canteen and we can serve out of it. People give us money and this is their money in action."

When the sun rises on Monday, many of these people will be on the lookout again, searching wherever they haven't already.

But on this night, hundreds of candles glowed in a sign that they wouldn't give up, hoping no one else does either.

NewsWest 9 has also heard rumors that the body of Hailey Dunn was found somewhere between Coahoma and Colorado City. NewsWest 9 called DPS Trooper Sparky Dean and he has officially shut down those rumors, saying they haven't heard or seen any evidence of that.