Latest Information on the Disappearance of Hailey Dunn

2/19/11 Update: 10:00 p.m.: A national search organization has returned to West Texas to rejoin the search for Hailey. KLAAS Kids, which is dedicated to helping find missing children, sent representatives to Colorado City on Saturday. On top of that, 100 volunteers gathered in the city. Searches over the past few weeks have been hampered by the cold weather but those efforts are gaining new steam and searchers hope to cover new territory to assist law enforcement. KLAAS Kids has been in West Texas before and says now is the time to make sure everyone knows that Hailey is missing.

2/11/11 Update, 8:00 p.m.: Extra help is on the way for searchers looking for missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn. The Laura Recovery Center and KLAAS Kids Foundation are going back to Colorado City on February 18, 19 and 20. They're asking anyone with ATV's and horses to help them out. Searchers will also be back out Saturday, February 12.

2/5/11 Update, 9:00 p.m.: Volunteer searcher held a press conference today in Colorado City. They say the number of volunteers has started to dwindle and they are asking for more help. The searchers meet every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at the housing authority in Colorado City. You can just show up to help. You have to be 18-years-old and have ID.

1/26/11 Update, 7:45p.m.: Authorities are continuing their search for Hailey Dunn. City Manager Pete Kampfer tells NewsWest 9, the case of a missing Lubbock teen who was found dead on Tuesday is not connected to Hailey's case. Officials were looking into that possibility. Also a lead in Tennessee turned out to be a false alarm. No arrests have been made and Shawn Adkins, the boyfriend of Hailey's mother, remains a person of interest in the case.

1/23/11 Update, 9:45p.m.: Two national search organizations who were brought in to help find missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn have completed their searches. Volunteer search parties are still meeting everyday to help find Hailey.

1/21/11 Update, 12:30 p.m.: There will be a vigil tonight for Hailey. It begins at 7:00 at the First Baptist Church at 3rd and Chestnut and will last about an hour. The public is invited to attend.

1/20/11 Update, 2:30 p.m.: KTXS in Abilene is reporting that cadaver dogs from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice will be searching the Colorado City landfill today for missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn. Also, the Laura Recovery Project will be holding a prayer vigil on Friday night from 7p.m. until 8p.m. in the gym of the First Baptist Church in Colorado City.

1/19/11 Update, 8:20p.m.: KTXS in Abilene is reporting that Child Protective Services has taken temporary custody of Hailey Dunn's older brother, David. Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer told KTXS it is common practice to remove a child when a situation like this occurs.

1/19/11 Update, 6:00p.m.: The search for missing Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn is gaining more steam. The Laura Recovery Center and KLAAS Kids are joining in on the search efforts. The organizations are asking for more volunteers, they meet everyday at 10a.m. at the Colorado City Civic Center.

1/18/11 Update, 4:45p.m.: A report was published today stating that cadaver dogs, that searched one of three landfills in Abilene over the weekend, turned up some evidence in the case of missing teen Hailey Dunn. However, NewsWest 9 spoke with Colorado City's City Manager Pete Kampfer and he said that has not been confirmed. Kampfer says whether or not any evidence was found is part of the criminal investigation and detectives are not saying what, if anything, was found.  

1/17/11 Update, 5:00p.m.: Police received a report of a girl fitting Hailey Dunn's description in Mitchell County on Monday. Colorado City detectives tell NewsWest 9, they looked into that lead and it turned out to be a false alarm. It's now been three weeks since Hailey Dunn went missing. A search of the Abilene landfill over the weekend was unsuccessful.

1/15/11 Update, 6:00 p.m.: Colorado City officials say Friday's search of the Abilene landfill was unsuccessful.

1/14/11 Update, 8:35p.m.: KTXS in Abilene is reporting that the cadaver dogs that were called in to search the Abilene landfill had two "hits" at the landfill on Friday. However, there's been no confirmation if any evidence was found at the landfill. KTXS is also reporting that Shawn Adkins, Hailey's mother's live-in boyfriend, was upgraded from a "person of interest" to a suspect in the case.

1/14/11 Update, 2:30 p.m.: KTXS in Abilene reports that cadaver dogs are being used to search the Abilene landfill. KTXS says this is not the first landfill authorities have searched. Shawn Adkins, the boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother, tells the Associated Press that he would never harm Hailey and he prays daily for her return. Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl around Colorado City. Some media outlets, not NewsWest9, reported that human bones had been found in Scurry County. DPS and the sheriff in Scurry County both tell NewsWest9 that no human bones were found.

1/12/11 Update: 6:30p.m.: The Associated Press and NewsWest 9 have confirmed that Billie Dunn's live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, has been named a "person of interest" along with several others. NewsWest 9's David Marino did go by Adkins' house for comment earlier today after the release of an affidavit. Shawn Adkins now has an attorney and was advised not to talk with the media.

1/12/11 Update: 4:00p.m.: Shocking details today in the case of missing teen Hailey Dunn. Court Documents, which were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by NewsWest 9, show that law enforcement is looking into whether Hailey's mom, Billie, and her live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, had anything to do with the disappearance of Hailey. DPS Officials held a press conference today in Colorado City but could not comment on the affidavit.

1/11/11 Update, 3:20 p.m.: Officials did not hold a formal press briefing today, but Trooper Sparky Dean says leads continue to come in into the disappearance of Hailey Dunn and officers are being dispatched to investigate those leads.

1/10/11 Update, 6:30 p.m.: Officials say they are working more than 100 leads as they continue to look for Hailey. Some of those leads have come from out of state. DPS says Hailey's parents also provided DNA samples as part of the investigation over the weekend. A press release from DPS clarified earlier statements that had been made to the media about Hailey. DPS says there is no evidence to support claims that Hailey is a runaway or is hiding. They are treating the case as a criminal investigation. DPS also says they are going to only hold press updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead of everyday.

1/10/11 Update, 12:30 p.m.: DPS has located the two girls they were looking for who may have been walking with Hailey before she went missing. They are being interviewed at this time.

1/9/11 Update, 6:30 p.m.: DPS is looking to speak to two girls who may have been walking with Hailey on either Sunday, December 26th or Monday, December 27th. They were walking east in the 200 block of Manuel Street in Colorado City. Those girls are not in any trouble, but may have information on Hailey that DPS needs.

DPS says local, state and federal authorities have searched the area around the community of Dunn. Those findings will not be released and the area may be searched again as tips continue to come in to the command center in Colorado City.

NewsWest9's Nick Lawton reports 300 people attended the vigil in Coahoma this evening. Coahoma volunteers are now branching out to search the northeastern sections of Howard County on foot and horseback. They will then search between Big Spring and Coahoma. The Salvation Army of Big Spring is supplying the volunteers with food and drinks.

1/9/11 Update, 5:00 p.m.: Nick Lawton reports that more than 100 people have shown up at Coahoma City Park for a vigil for Hailey. DPS has officially ended their search in the community of Dunn. Some officers have been sent home and will be replaced by new ones tomorrow.

1/9/11 Update, 11:15 a.m.: Numerous vigils are planned tonight for Hailey. There are vigils planned in Coahoma, Snyder and Colorado City. Abilene media report a vigil is also scheduled to take place in Sweetwater. All vigils appear to be happening around 5:00 tonight.

1/8/11 Update, 8:00 p.m.: In a press release, officials say their investigation has been hampered by individuals who have been deceptive or uncooperative. The release did not provide any more details on that issue. There are now 80 billboards around Texas that are broadcasting information about Hailey.

On a side note, Colorado City Police investigated a possible abduction early Saturday morning. A 15-year-old girl was in Colorado City visiting and reported that a man tried to force her into his vehicle. Police have determined that the girl was a runaway from Lubbock and charges are now pending against her. Investigators do not believe the incident has anything to do with the disappearance of Hailey Dunn.

1/8/11 Update, 5:00 p.m.: Officials have just concluded a press conference. Trooper Sparky Dean says they have no evidence of criminal activity in the disappearance of Hailey Dunn. They have not ruled out foul play, but the case could still be a runaway and officials are looking for Hailey. Officials will finish their search in the community of Dunn tonight.

NewsWest9 will have full team coverage tonight on NewsWest9 at 10:00. There is no 6:00 newscast today due to football on NBC.

1/8/11 Update, 12:30 p.m.: Officials say that the canvassing of Hailey's neighborhood will be finished today. A temporary staging area is being set up in Dunn, Texas today as well. This is one of several staging areas that could be set up as the search expands in scope. Trooper Sparky Dean says there are several areas of interest that will be explored today or at a later date.

NewsWest9's Geena Martinez reports that volunteer search efforts continue and that organizers say they have heard people are coming in from as far away as Austin to assist.

1/8/11 Update, 10:05 a.m.: NewsWest9's Geena Martinez says Colorado City Manager reports no new details have emerged in the investigation this morning. Next official update will come this afternoon.

1/8/11 Update, 8:00 a.m.: Searches are starting back up in Mitchell and Howard Counties. The next update from law enforcement is expected around 10:00 this morning.

1/7/11 Update, 6:50 p.m.: NewsWest9's Nick Lawton reports that volunteers have stopped searching for the evening as it is too dark. Searchers found a knife sheath and a pair of sun glasses near a creek between Colorado City and the community of Dunn today.

1/7/11 Update, 5:40 p.m.: Howard County residents are planning to search again Saturday morning. They are meeting at the Coahoma Volunteer Fire Department at 8:00 a.m. All are welcome to join. Dress accordingly as search will go through rough terrain. The same group will hold a vigil for Hailey at 5:00 Sunday evening in Coahoma.

1/7/11 Update, 4:45 p.m.: The day started with non-uniformed officers going door to door around Hailey's neighborhood speaking with residents. DPS says these were more focused interviews. They have been asking residents a series of questions and asking if they can search their homes. Police have re-interviewed sex offenders in the area and searches have been going on in Colorado City and in Howard County. Residents took it upon themselves to search eastern Howard County on horseback and ATVs. People also gathered around 2:00 Friday afternoon at the Mitchell County Courthouse.

They then started heading north to the community of Dunn, Texas. Dunn is where Hailey's mother's boyfriend lives. DPS also commented Friday on Hailey's mother's claims that she and her boyfriend failed polygraph tests. DPS trooper Sparky Dean tells NewsWest9 that information is not released to anyone as part of the investigation.

Texas Equusearch tells NewsWest9 the family has requested their assistance. They search for missing people on mounted patrols. They are currently on standby and work with law enforcement to see if they are needed.


Hailey Dunn disappeared on December 27th in Colorado City, Texas while she was heading to a friends house.

Hailey Darlene Dunn:

  • 13-years-old
  • Colorado City Middle School Student
  • Height 5' 1"
  • Weight 120 pounds
  • Eyes - Hazel
  • Hair - Brown with blondish streaks

If you've seen Hailey or know anything about her disappearance, please call the Colorado City Police Department at 325-728-5294.