UPDATE: Search Continues for Missing Colorado City Teen

Volunteers Gather to Help in the Search for Hailey
Volunteers Gather to Help in the Search for Hailey

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NewsWest 9

COLORADO CITY - The search for 13-year-old Hailey Dunn has continued into a 12th day in Colorado City.

A DPS helicopter was called in to search for Hailey on Thursday and Colorado City officials tell NewsWest 9 that the FBI has now joined the investigation which already includes several agencies including the Texas Rangers.

Residents have also joined in the search. People gathered around 2:00 Friday afternoon at the Mitchell County Courthouse to look for Hailey. The search team went north toward the community of Dunn. In Howard County, residents there searched an area near Moss Lake on horses and ATVs.

Friday morning, officials went door to door in the neighborhood around Hailey's home in Colorado City. They are asking residents questions about Hailey and asking to look in their homes for any sign of the girl.

Hailey's mom, Billie, told CNN's Nancy Grace in a national television interview Thursday night that she and her live in-boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, both failed an administered polygraph test. Billie also said in her interview that she lost all faith in the test and that other people also failed the polygraph. She went on to say that she told her live-in boyfriend to leave her house after learning of his failed polygraph test.

DPS Trooper Sparky Dean tells NewsWest9 that there is no way for anyone to know who may have passed or failed a polygraph test. That information is not released as part of the investigation.

Rumors are circulating about Adkins and that he may have disappeared and could be a suspect. According to DPS Trooper Sparky Dean, "As far as I know, he hasn't disappeared. Shawn Adkins is one of the leads we've got." A search warrant has been served at Hailey's home and polygraph tests have been administered.

The search for Hailey has also exploded onto the Internet as well. The website findhaileydunn.com has been filled with articles and updates about the little girl. It also includes an interview Hailey's mother did with Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News on Wednesday and reports the website also reported that the reward for information about Hailey has been raised to $25,000.

Facebook has also become a forum for people wanting information and wanting to express their concern for Hailey.

The 13-year-old cheerleader was last seen on December 27 in Colorado City and since that time residents in Mitchell, Howard and Scurry Counties have rallied to try and find her.

So far, the state has not issued an Amber Alert for Hailey, which has caused many in the Colorado City area to question why.

Here are the requirements for an Amber Alert:

  • A child must be under 17 years of age and there needs to be proof they were taken unwillingly.
  • There also needs to be proof the child is in immediate danger.
  • There also must be enough evidence to release to the public.

If you've seen Hailey or know anything about her disappearance, please call the Colorado City Police Department at 325-728-5294.