Crane Church Asking for Help After Their Church Was Burned to the Ground

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

CRANE - It has been one week since a man burned down a Church in Crane. Now the congregation is trying to piece everything back together slowly.

Exactly one week ago, a Crane man burned down the Church Faith in Christ. And on Tuesday, NewsWest 9 spoke to the Pastor about the future of their Church and it just so happens that the man who burned the place down, sent the Pastor a letter asking him for forgiveness.

"I'm the one who caught your church on fire. I'm truly sorry for your loss" Ellis Lane, Pastor of the Faith in Christ Church in Crane, said.

Lane is picking up the pieces after 25-year-old Steven Cantrell reduced it all to ashes.

"I forgave him. Our Church forgave him," Lane said.

What's left of the building has been demolished and plans are now being made to find a new place to worship.

"God has also started a fire here and it's the fire of the people. To build it bigger and better," Lane said.

The community has stepped up in helping out the church, so much so, that the First Methodist Church has loaned them their building so they can have service.

"It occurred to us that they needed a place to worship and that's when we asked if they wanted to do it here," a representative at the First Methodist Church, said.

But not only are they helping them with the building, they are also allowing them to have their food bank at the Church, so both churches can unite and help out those in need.

"It works pretty well, two different churches, same family. We do what we can for our brothers and sisters," the representative said.

And although Faith in Christ Church has been reduced to rubble, the Chapel was saved, so all that needs to be done is to repair the smoke and water damage. Pastor Lane is optimistic, seeing this as an opportunity to come back stronger than ever.

"We are ready to rebuild and get our Church back the way it was or even better. I think that's God's plan," Ellis said.

The Church did not have insurance, so they are asking for your help. If you would like to make any donations you can donate at the First National Bank in Crane or at Security State Bank in Crane or in Odessa under the account Faith in Christ.