Gym Prepares for New Year Rush

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's a new year and time for a new you, at least that's what many people are hoping they will see by sticking to their resolutions and one gym in Midland is expecting to see their numbers go up.

The holidays are over but the rush to lose those extra pounds from all those pies is just getting started.

"As soon as Christmas was over, people were thinking about their New Year's resolution already and they're ready to get going," Cory Aguilar said.

Aguilar owns the company Iron Training, and he said the calls started coming in the day after Christmas, and they haven't stopped since, especially for their women-only fitness center.

"We've had a lot of women calling about that already, wanting to get memberships and get information," Aguilar said. "So we've already set a lot of appointments for next week."

Aguilar says they're expecting to see big crowds this week as the New Year rush at the gym gets underway.

And whether it's women on the treadmill or men pumping some iron, they all want the same result.

"Most people are wanting to look better, they're wanting to feel better," Aguilar said. "They're wanting to lose weight."

But that New Year's resolution can be easier said than done.

"If you don't have that accountability, if you don't have a place to go, if you don't have an appointment, then it's probably not going to get done," he said. "That's when you get busy, life's going to take over and it's going to get moved to the backseat."

Aguilar said one of the hardest parts is getting started, but they will be there to help you get past the New Year rush.

"Those first few weeks are always going to be tough so you gotta push through that point, you're going to be tired, you're going to be sore," he said. "Our goal is to help these people create some habits and a lifestyle that's going to continue on for the rest of their life, not just a three week New Year's resolution."