Two Odessa Families Welcome New Year Babies

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Two West Texas families welcomed some new bundles of joy. We're talking about the first babies of the new year born at Odessa Regional Medical Center and Medical Center Hospital on New Year's Day.

While many people are celebrating the New Year, these families are celebrating for a different reason.

"She was in a rush to get here," mother Natasha Camacho-Hernandez, said.

Third-time-parents Natasha and Joe Hernandez rang in the new year with an early visit to the hospital.

Natasha had been experiencing labor pains since Tuesday, but late Saturday, her maternal instincts kicked in.

"I had a feeling that we had to start driving from Fort Stockton to get here on time," she said. "So he made it just in time so she didn't have to be born on the road."

After about four hours of labor, baby Leilani was born six weeks early.

"The doctor was hoping at least two more weeks bed rest but she wasn't having it," Natasha said. "She wanted to be a celebrity."

This baby is the third girl for the family.

"It was awesome, just like the other two. It's an amazing experience," Joe said. "I'm good now, I'm not looking forward to the teenage years, that's for sure."

Sylvia and Rey Bermudez were at a 15th wedding anniversary party when it was time for her to have her baby.

"We came because I was having contractions and they said 'yes it was time,'" Sylvia said. "I was dilated six centimeters."

And six hours later, baby Marely was born at midnight. She wasn't due until January 13th.

"It was a big surprise because she was early but she is a big blessing and gift from God," Sylvia said.

The families said this will probably be the last child for each of them.

Baby Leilani is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit since she was premature, but doctors said she should be able to go home sometime next week.