Dog Reunited With Owner After Rollover Accident One Week Ago

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - One Odessa woman's New Year's resolution was quickly granted. A rollover accident last week left her injured and searching for her lost dog. It was a reunion like no other.

"I was spending half of my day looking for him. It's really great to find him so I can rest and heal my hand." One week ago, Chelsy Wingate was driving on Loop 338 with her two dogs. When the unexpected happened, she lost control of her truck and rolled off the expressway.

"Once my truck stopped rolling, my beagle Forest, jumped across me and went out the window and just took off and ran down the road," Wingate said.

That accident killed Lilly the other dog.

"At that point, I was upset about my arm, my dog and my other dog running off," Wingate said.

So she came up with a plan. She put out flyers, posted pictures on Facebook and anything else that would help bring Forest back home.

"I was praying, hoping that he could come back," Wingate said.

Her hard work paid off on Thursday, Chelsy received a call letting her know they found him.

"An oil rig worker had found my dog and told me he had my dog. He had gotten number from the tags," Wingate said.

Forest was a little tired and dirty but his spirit was still there.

"I needed him to come, I knew if found him, he help me deal with Lilly passing away," Wingate said.

Chelsy will never know the adventures Forest went on during the week they were separated. She's just thankful he's back home. Chelsy and Forest plan to start fresh by getting a new puppy for next year.