Police Believe Cantrell is Serial Arsonist

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

CRANE - Additional charges came down on Thursday against a Crane man who admitted to setting a church on fire in Crane.

That church suffered extensive damage and the congregation is now looking for somewhere else to go.

Police are now linking the man who admitted to starting the fire, Steve Cantrell, to a string of other arson fires in the city.

Cantrell is now facing a total of five arson charges in Crane.

On top of burning the Faith in Christ Church earlier this week, Crane Police also believe the 25-year-old is responsible for burning a home, a business, a church van and a utility trailer.

Now that the suspected serial arsonist is behind bars, Police Chief J.D. Smith says they all feel a sense of relief.

"Everybody's extremely grateful that it's over with. We had property damaged, but the good thing about it is there was no one injured and no loss of life. Those are usually some things that happen. Nobody is ever prepared for that, so we're elated and glad didn't come to that. We did have property damaged, but like I said, property and things like that can be replaced."

Chief Smith says his officers are still investigating the case but they had enough evidence and witness testimony connecting Cantrell to all of the fires to bring the additional charges.

Cantrell is currently being held on a $600,000 dollar bond at the Crane County Jail.