Midland Animal Services Offering Two for One Deal This Week on All Adoptable Pets

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND--Residents have a chance to get a last minute, furry, Christmas gift and give an unwanted dog or cat a new home.  For a limited time, Midland Animal Services is offering a two for one deal on all their adoptable pets.

"They can get as many as they want. We're kind of like a used car dealership this week. We're going to try to wheel and deal," Animal Services Director, Paul O'Neill, said.

BOGO or buy One, Get One. Retail stores have it, why not Midland Animal Services?  For the next four days, anyone wanting to adopt a dog or cat can get two for the price of one.

"They'll be paying the adoption fee for one dog, which is $35. Then they'll be paying the $22 on top of that, which is for rabies shot and city license. The second dog or cat they want to take, we waive the adoption fee," O'Neill explained.

Midland Animal Services normally has some sort of adoption event this time of year.  O'Neill says during the week between Christmas and New Year, adoptions tend to be slower than normal. It seems like a perfect opportunity to get some animals adopted.

"We want to try to get people in the shelter and hopefully get them to leave with some animals," O'Neill said.

Midland Animal Control has between 40 and 50 adoptable pets right now. They range in age from puppies just a couple of weeks old to the larger, more adult sizes. While there are no special requirements to be an adopter, officials do have a couple of recommendations.

According to O'Neill, "Just bring the whole family. We have a large yard that you can take the animal out and play with, interact with and make sure it's good for everybody. If you have another animal already, we ask you to bring that animal to socialize and make sure they get along with each other."

Don't forget, the regular do's and don't's of adopting still apply, like getting your new pet spayed or neutered. And also, there's the city policy on certain unadoptable breeds.

"We don't adopt out any Pitbulls or Pitbull mixes, rottweiler, Sharpeis or Chows, or mixes of those dogs," O'Neill said.

The two for one special runs until the end of the business day on Thursday. The fate of however many animals they have left will be determined then. O'Neill says, euthanization is always a last resort, "We'll just have to evaluate for their health and for their temperament. We'll also try and contact some foster homes and rescue groups and see if some of them can't go there."