Customers Come Out in Full Force for Holiday Returns

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Returns, returns and more returns. At the Target in Odessa, doors opened Sunday at 7 a.m. to help customers and it hasn't slowed down since.

"No one upset yet. Everyone's been very patient," Target store manager, Lisa Bennett, said. "They kind of understand that it's the day after Christmas, you're going to wait in line a little longer for returns."

'I got two of the same gifts, I didn't like it or I already have it' are just some of the reasons customers give when making returns, Bennett said clothing is among the items most returned the day after Christmas.

But just like any other day, employees are on alert for those trying to make a quick buck.

"With us being as busy as we are, there are people that walk straight to the sales floor and they'll bring something to the service desk saying they just bought it and they want their cash back," Bennett said. "We do have some really good technology to prevent that kind of return fraud."

When it comes to gift cards, Target holds the number one spot for most sold, so Sunday also marks the biggest day in gift card redemptions for the store.

"Electronics and entertainment departments are very busy because everyone's buying their CD's, movies and that type of stuff," Bennett said.

And people weren't coming just to return things. Bennett says there was a crowd of people waiting to be let in this morning so they could grab those after-Christmas clearance specials.

"It's like Black Friday, the day after Christmas for bargain shoppers to get all those Christmas decorations for next year," she said.

For the customers who dared to brave the crowds, it's been a busy day for them too.

"This is my fourth, I went to two in the mall, Ross and here at Target," Shopper, Loni Garcia said. "I returned a few items, had to pay the difference on a couple of things."

"We got here, and we got in and we got out, so we did good," Melissa Green, another after Christmas shopper, said.

Bennett said they saw a few more returns Sunday than they have in previous years.