Holiday Patrons Hit the Movie Theatres on Christmas Day

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - While almost all stores and even big chains like Wal-Mart shut their doors for the Christmas holiday, there's one place that is always open, and that's at the movies.

"We just decided to come over to the big city, have a good meal and see a movie," Steve Everest said.

Instead of lounging around on Christmas day, Everest decided to make a trip all the way from Kermit to catch a flick on the silver screen.

Everest said he comes to the movies on Christmas day because it's one of the only places open.

"We're just taking the day off, left the dog at home," Everest said. "We flipped a coin, we picked three different movies, and Harry Potter won."

But for one movie-goer, that doesn't leave many options.

"Came to the movies, bored, nothing else to do," Richard Reid said. "I think its bogus, I think there should be more places open."

While many were still opening their presents, employees were at the theatre getting ready for another day at work.

"It's Christmas, I understand," Michal Brozeck said. "A lot of people are at home and a lot of people are out too so that's part of the fun."

And for this dad and his daughter, Christmas at the movies is also a time to bond.

"Me and baby girl are out today, we're going to the movies getting out of the house," Brozeck said. "We just celebrated Christmas. It's just a good time for her and I to get out for a little bit, just to get out and have a little bit of fun."