Shopping Right Up to Christmas Day

By: Cierra Putman
NewsWest 9

They come in all ages, races and yes there are both male and female, but last minute shoppers aren't all alike.

"It's an everyday thing (for me,)" Shopper, Charles Maldonado said. "Every year I procrastinate. So it's last minute shopping."

"Mostly mine was because of my Christmas bonus," Shopper, Melanie Hunter said. "I kind of had to pay bills before I could play."

"I'm not normally (a last minute shopper)," Shopper, Chris Cato said. "But we had a lot of stuff going on this year. So, I wasn't able to get to it as fast as I would like to."

Whatever the reason, stores expect to see tons of people the week before Christmas.

"Everyday right now has been very busy for us," Best Buy General Manager Mike Williams said. "We anticipate everyday in this week and even into next week, we'll still be busy."

Whether you're picking up something small for your friends or the latest thing for a loved one, stores like Best Buy and many others open early and close late to help you out.

"I think this is hopefully our last stop," Hunter said. "I'm hoping I can stop and have some time to relax before Christmas."

On Christmas Eve, it's mostly men who are still about, but not all of them.

"Not at all, you might as well compare that to Black Friday," Cato said. "Everybody is rush rush and the people here can't assist everybody."

Unlike on Black Friday, even stores say if you're shopping on Christmas Eve, get it done quick.

"If you're not here by 5 p.m. Christmas Eve, we'll see you Sunday," Williams said.