Big Spring Narcotics Unit Helping Fight Drug Problems

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Cocaine, marijuana and drug trafficking, it's a big problem in Big Spring. That's why a few years back, the city opened a narcotics unit to help fight back. The question now, is it working?

"The City Council decided this is a problem, they wanted to get this problem under control. So they decided to go ahead and support that unit," Lt. Terry Chamness with the Big Spring Police Department, said.

Three years ago, Big Spring started up their narcotics unit with one sergeant and five agents. Now, they're making a difference.

"Our arrest records are up. We are doing a good job and we are really having an impact," Chamness said.

The officers main focuses are trying to bring down the big guys in charge of drug trafficking. Their goal is to try and stop drugs from hitting the streets.

"Cocaine is one of the biggest problems in the city and also marijuana. We target these people who are bringing the supplies in and giving it to the street dealers," Chamness said.

So far this year they've busted over 100 possession cases and 35 delivery cases.

Those numbers are making it harder for people to get the hands on the goods.

Officials don't want to end the work on the streets, officers want to reach out to children who aren't aware of what drugs can do.

"Education is the way you are going to change because when people get hooked, it's very addictive, once they do it they don't want to get off it," Chamness said.

The Big Spring Police Department's goal for next year is to try and to implement a program that involves the narcotics department, to help get children educated about the dangers of drugs. They are currently not active in any drug prevention programs in schools.