Winkler County Doctor to Continue Working After Being Arrested

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

New information on a Winkler County doctor.

Doctor Rolando Arafiles will keep on working at the Winkler County Hospital despite being arrested this week.

Arafiles has been charged with retaliation and misuse of official information.

We're told by Winkler County Hospital officials, he'll get to keep his job for now.

A warrant was issued for his arrest by the State Attorney General's office after a complaint by the Texas MedicalBboard.

The case is now being handed over to the Winkler County D.A.'s office who will review it then present it to a grand jury.

The charges stem over complaints filed against Arafiles by patients and two hospital nurses to the State Medical Board.

An investigation by the sheriff's office found Arafiles filed a harassment complaint against the patients and nurses to keep them from pursuing complaints about his medical practice.

The two nurses, Vicki Galle and Anne Mitchell were arrested and charged.

Mitchell was cleared of any wronging in court and charges were dropped against Galle.