Suspect Found Hiding in Midland Christmas Tree

MIDLAND - A Midland man definitely made the naughty list Monday night after a hot pursuit through downtown.

Police found him dangling like an ornament on the city's Christmas tree. He crawled right up in between the Christmas lights, but it didn't take police long to find out he wasn't a present.

Police arrested Robert Redman. We're told he ran a red light a little after 6:00 Monday night when officers tried to pull him over on Carver Street. That's when he took off in his pickup. Authorities shut down six blocks of downtown while they tried to corner him.

Redman ditched the truck around Missouri Avenue and that's when officers started chasing him on foot. They even brought out a K-9 unit to track him down. But that wasn't enough to catch him.

Just as officers were about to move on to another area they found Redman hiding in the big Christmas tree across from the Hilton hotel.